Hassan Qureshi Art

Hello and welcome to HassanQart, a collection of my artwork. I’m Hassan Qureshi, but my friends call me Haas, HQ and sometimes Karachi (since that’s where I was born and apparently rhymes with my last name). Enjoy your stay and shoot me a message if you have any questions :)

Little bit about me - I am a Cincinnati based artist, but have held shows and sold work all over the states. Among art, I also enjoy coffee with cream, playing guitar, and story-telling. Since my main form of storytelling is through art, I use that to talk about my background as an immigrant from Pakistan, social justice issues, historical figures and generally, whatever I find interesting.

Just as the subject matter of my work is diverse, the inspiration behind it comes from a variety of sources as well. I mostly find myself inspired by nature. I see beauty in “non-man-made” material. For example, like in people - historical figures like Mandela and Muhammad Ali, those fighting for social justice and sports figures like Kobe or Lebron. More recently, I created a painting for to promote education on gun violence for Amnesty International, and  will be creating one for an upcoming exhibition for refugees.

Currently I’m working on collection of Arabic calligraphy paintings that will be showcased along with my Arabic calligraphy workshops - kind  of like a small Arabic calligraphy museum. As an Arabic calligraphy artist, I’ve hosted multiple workshops in Cincinnati, OH and throughout the states.

I work closely with other artists from Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus and surrounding areas to promote local art and to create a culture of conversation through art. I will be creating my first large scale mural with the help of Artworks in Cincinnati soon.

As an artist, I’m constantly pushing myself and challenging myself to create new work, using different methods - whether its a new Arabic calligraphy painting or a large scale mural for a business; it’s what continues to inspire me and keep me engaged. I absolutely LOVE what I do and would be happy to work with you to commission an original piece of artwork. Thank you for visiting! Have a great day!